We are the governing body for Easyriders Social Motorcycle clubs - Internationally. We welcome all races, creeds, religions and sexs.


We have members around the world who identify as being Easyriders.
U.S.A, New Zealand, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, India, China, Israel, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil. And growing rapidly.

For a new chapter to be recognised there needs to be at least 5 regular members who have committed to attending at least 4 club events in a 12 months period.
Although the current international community does not contain a large number of chapters, it does contain a great number of members who are available and eager to offer hospitality to other Easyriders when visiting their country.

Brotherhood, Trust, Respect,

Anyone can ride a motorcycle, anyone can join a ride group or club. But to become recognised as an Easyrider
you need to show you belong. The membership choose who becomes a member. This relies in an expression of brotherhood with full members, showing respect for the effort, time and energy they have given to the club.
And have shown respect for the ideals of the global easyriders community.
Everyone deserves a chance, Nobody is better than anyone else. We ride as equals.